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TLT demonstrates the powerful ability of Sapphire sensor to determine localised arterial blood pressure

14 March 2013. TLT has released the first output results of its new pivotal scoping phase study of the Sapphire optoelectronic blood pressure sensor. The company has published videos demonstrating the unique power of the TLT Sapphire Sensor to determine arterial blood pressures at different points across the body. TLT also validated the sensor readings against the gold standard (including the auscultatory manometer) blood pressure measurement technique, as an example, for the carotid artery measurement, proving the TLT Sapphire sensor to be highly accurate.

Commenting on this world-leading development, CEO Dr Sandeep Shah said, “This is a key and remarkable milestone in the history of TLT and also in the history of Medicine and medical sensors. As is easily seen from the videos, the TLT Sapphire sensor can, for example, deliver carotid, subclavian, temporal, deep ulnar arterial blood pressures, as well as radial pressures, all beat-to-beat and within just seconds of application. No other technology in the world can do this! This remarkable achievement now positions the TLT technology to become dominant not just in Cardiovascular Medicine but also in many other significant and valuable medical markets.”
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An introduction to TLT

Tarilian Laser Technologies Ltd (TLT) is a UK company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of a novel optoelectronic sensor technology that has unique and powerful applications in medicine and also other industrial applications.

The unique sensor offers a superior bandwidth and capability beyond all other technologies for blood pressure measurement and cardiovascular profiling.

The sensor is also economical to produce and easily scalable to mass manufacture.

TLT has thus broken a major barrier in medicine and sensor technology; and has developed a powerful product family.

The revolutionary capabilities of the TLT Sapphire sensor

Presentation at the UK Technology and Investment Global Business Summit

TLT presents at UKTI

TTLT's Dr Sandeep Shah presents at the UKTI Global Business Summit, chaired by Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust.

Dr Shah demonstrates the TLT Sapphire technology at the Global Business Summit.